The good, bad and ugly so far..

Some points we have to round up for Professional Experience: 1. The rationale behind your Professional Experience: For my professional experience I chose to work at as many different places possible that I could. I wanted to touch on as many aspects of Journalism that I could, therefore I researched local media based companies that would be … Continue reading

Olympic Torch in Slough

Olympic Torch – Slough 2012 is proving to be an intense year for all of Britain. With the Olympics arriving in the summer it’s no surprise that England is undertaking major changes to accommodate the thousands of people who will flock to London. The Olympic torch has already started its journey from May 19th to … Continue reading

GCSE – Pressure to perform

GCSE Results With exams looming and facts and figures being crammed in in preparation there is only one day that most teens are looking forward to, results day.  One student really has the pressure on as she is applying to Cambridge University early. Georgina MacDougall, 15 from Stoke Poges is a student at Beaconsfield High … Continue reading

The Hunger Games-film review

The Hunger Games, film vs. book The Hunger Games, pitched as the ‘new Twilight’ and to thousands of teens around the world (as said in the slogan) they will be watching. The cast is made up of newbie actress Jennifer Lawrence who plays Katniss Everdeen, Hunky Liam Hemsworth who plays Gale and sweet Josh Hutchinson … Continue reading

BCA Cheerleading Championships- Telford 2012

BCA Cheerleading Nationals 2012 Sprained wrists and ankles, black bruises, aching limbs and a giant smile on your face, the only way to compete at Cheerleading Nationals is to have all three components stated above. After putting in a huge amount effort for months on end, learning the routine back to front and practising up … Continue reading

More Research!

Bank Holiday Monday 7th May Tuesday 8th May The similarities: The Maidenhead Advertiser:  The front page has 9 different categories which include News, Sport, and Lifestyle; this is on each front page so it makes it easier for the reader to choose which news they would like to read. The three sub headlines which are the … Continue reading

Self managed project- Research

For professional experience i needed to make up 10 days worth of experience. I could only manage to get hold of a weeks worth of experience over Christmas and Easters. However I have 2 weeks lined up in the summer. I will be working for the Maidenhead Advertiser and the Slough Observer for one week … Continue reading

My self managed personal blog…

One of the options instead of doing professional experience was to make a self managed website. I thought hey why not make a personal blog which includes things about me. I have posted a link on the personal blog to my uni one. This way potential employees can see the work I have done within … Continue reading